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Stabilis Energy makes it possible for drilling and fracturing contractors to run their operations reliably on LNG. We offer the industry’s only complete LNG Solution: high-quality fuel, local production, assured delivery, cryogenic equipment, and ongoing field support and service. With Stabilis you get everything you need to secure your LNG supply, reduce your fuel cost and operate with confidence.
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Fueling Your Future

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Committed to Safety

We are committed to a safe, healthy, and environmentally sound workplace

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Our Services

We handle the hardware

Stabilis removes the burden of implementing an LNG solution, so you can stay focused on your core operations. We provide the equipment needed to run LNG at each work-site – everything from vaporization to storage to interface components. We offer both stock and custom equipment designs and configurations, so you know that your setup is exactly what you need. We integrate our equipment seamlessly into the footprint of your site. Plus, if it comes from Stabilis, you can be sure that both the equipment and the spread layout are designed to deliver the utmost in efficiency and safety.

With you all the way

Stabilis gets you started and keeps you running. We bring the LNG equipment to your site, set it up, make sure it’s working properly and train your crews on safe operation. We monitor your equipment around the clock to catch potential problems before they can turn into downtime. Our field technicians stand ready 24/7 to provide onsite technical support, equipment repair and maintenance services.

What you need, when and where you need it

Stabilis runs its own delivery fleet, so you can be sure you’ll have the fuel your operation needs, on time. We currently deliver throughout Texas and soon in North Dakota. We are building LNG Plants in all of the major North American shale plays, so we will be able to deliver high-quality LNG to more of your drilling and fracturing operations around the country. You’ll get higher supply reliability and lower costs. In fact, the more sites you have, the more Stabilis becomes a valuable ally. We handle all the logistics of managed fuel requirements at multiple locations. Through remote monitoring and optimized delivery, we make sure every site has the fuel it needs for continuous up-time. Keeping your operation running is our concern, not yours.

November 2015 LNG Rack Price

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About LNG





Benefits of LNG
  • Non-Toxic and non-corrosive to equipment
  • Reliably and efficiently powers high-horsepower engines
  • Transported and stored easily and safely at low pressures (Less than an aerosol can)
  • Non-Explosive – ignition point is twice that of diesel
  • Lighter than air – spills evaporate
  • Abundant – Methane is soon to be North America’s second largest fuel source
  • Reduction in Carbon Monoxide Emissions 70%
  • Reduction in NOx Emission 80%
  • Reduction in Greenhouse Gases 20%
  • Reduction in Particulates 75%